Rainbow Reports - Volume 1 - Issue 4

Rainbow Reports - Volume 1- Issue 4 - Pyramids Please..

Rainbow Reports - Pyramids Please...


Feature Partner - KUONI TRAVEL LTD

KUONI TRAVEL LTD, founded in 1906 by Alfred Kuoni, is the largest tour company in Switzerland, specializing in tours to Egypt and other regions in Africa as well as the Indian Ocean. They are one of the leading travel organizations with over 7,500 staff in 300 offices around the globe. They offer a variety of itineraries from viewing the ancient sites to relaxing in one of EgyptÕs trendy beach resorts. If youÕre looking for something unique, contact Rainbow Travel and we can work with Kuoni to organize a special experience in the Land of Pharaohs.


Few countries can match the heritage sites of Egypt, the Land of the Pharaohs. The legendary Pyramids, the Sphinx, and the Valley of the Kings are among the oldest tourist attractions in the world. Your archaeological discovery of ancient Egypt is easily combined with a traditional sand and sea escape like the Red Sea Riviera, one of the worldÕs best diving sites.

Here are some details of important destinations in Egypt:

CAIRO: The Pyramids at Giza are one of the seven ancient wonders of the world. A must see is the Egyptian Museum that houses some of the most valuable artifacts in the world.

LUXOR: After the pyramids, the Valley of the Kings is EgyptÕs most popular attraction. It contains TutankhamunÕs tomb and those of other pharaohs, which are found deep in the desert mountains. Statues of Ramses II dominate the landscape at Karnak, once the most important place of worship in Egypt.

ALEXANDRIA: This is a seaside city that is full of atmosphere with old style cafes. Excursions run to El Alamein, 65 miles west of Alexandria which was the scene of the allied victory during World War II.

RED SEA RIVIERA: This is the fastest developing tourist area of EgyptÕs beach holiday destinations. The largest resort is Sharm-El-Sheikh, closely followed by Hurghada, which has outstanding dive and snorkeling sites. If you would like to visit some cultural sites whilst you are there, the early Christian monasteries of St Anthony and St Paul are nearby.

SINAI: In between Africa and Asia you will find Sinai. This is where the stories from the bibleÕs Old Testament come alive. Pilgrims can spend the night on Mount Sinai where it is said Moses received the Ten Commandments. The Ras Mohammed National Park on the coast contains ancient fossil reefs.

WESTERN OASES: In sharp contrast to EgyptÕs crowded cities lies the vast region of the Western Oases. This region covers over ten million square miles and is covered with white sand desert. The settlements of Kharga, Dakhla, Farafra and Bahariyya are where the tours are based from. A popular tour is to see the prehistoric rock paintings on the Kharga-Dakhla road.

Here are a couple of sample itineraries: 

5 DAY itinerary may include: spending two or three days in Cairo taking in the Khan al Khalili Bazaar. Seeing the pyramids and the Egyptian Museum. Highlights of the latter include the Tutankhamun galleries, the royal mummy room and viewing the ancient Egyptian jewelry. Then take the overnight train to Luxor to cruise on the Nile River or take a two day train trip to Alexandria.

2 WEEK itinerary: following the 5 Day Itinerary at a slower pace and spending the second week in Sharm el Sheikh which is only an hour flight from Cairo. Alternately, you can head west from Luxor and be adventurous on a desert safari through the Western Oases and then back to Cairo if you are not interested in the beach.

EXTENDING an itinerary can include: traveling along the Mediterranean coast to Alexandria after Cairo to enjoy the tranquil oasis of Siwa. The adventurous can take a guided desert trek for as long as one week by jeep, camel or on foot. Then travel back through Aswan and Luxor before enjoying a beach holiday in the Red Sea region.

So start your journey to Egypt from the UK on one of the many charter flights from a choice of regional airports for the best prices. Egypt is only a few hours flight from the UK. With many flights this summer from Vancouver and other North American departure points, consider combining a stopover in London to visit famous sites, such as, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, and shopping at Harrods. Rainbow Travel Inc can make your Egypt dreams come true.

We are small enough to care and big enough to make it happen!


Nigel, Thant, and Ethyl


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