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 Reasons to Travel Europe

Image by Bruno Soares
Vintage markets in Europe are places to go to if you’re fond of finding unique items for a bargain. You might find some of the best souvenirs for your trip in these amazing markets. If your trip to Europe is during the Christmas season, you should visit the splendid Christmas Markets that will make you feel the ultimate season vibe.

Among the best markets with concerts, workshops, and different activities are the Budapest Christmas Market 

1. Vintage Markets and Christmas Markets
Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

The Alps are one of the most beautiful and accessible mountain ranges in the world. If you love a good hike or enjoy skiing, Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland all have great slopes and trails in the midst of the range.

If you want to experience a European winter, then go to the Alps which are among the most popular tourist destinations during winter. One of the best things to do in the Alps is to go skiing or snowboarding. There are many ski resorts that you can choose from depending on your level.

2. The Alps
Image by Ágatha Depiné
History is all around you when you are on a trip to Europe. Roman Ruins, war relics, Medieval Castles, timeless artefacts, magnificent cathedrals – everywhere you look there is something from the past with a fascinating story.
If there’s one thing Europe is known for, it’s art. Whether it’s painted on a ceiling, hanging on a wall, or locked in a glass case, the museums in Europe boast some of the finest artistic artefacts the world this world has to offer.
3. History and Art

Europe has impressive architecture that will make your walks extraordinary. Many well-preserved buildings reflect the rich history of Europe.

Our top reason to visit Europe is to see these marvels for yourself. Only then will you truly understand how amazing European architecture is.
Discover the history of kings, of alliances and vendettas, the history of European wars, regions and nations as well as those families who have made Europe what it is today.

4. Impressive Architecture and Majestic Castles
Image by John Thomas
There are several dishes that you should have a taste of during your vacation. Spanish paella, Italian carbonara, Greek salad, French baguette, Russian Beef Stroganoff – all of these yummy meals taste even better when you eat them in the countries of their origin.
And what could better pair your food escapade if not the best wine? Bordeaux France, Santorini Greece, Tuscany Italy, and Catalonia Spain have some of the most famous wines in the world.
5. Great Food and Wine
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