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3 Great places to visit in 2023

Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand government stated that travel restrictions during the pandemic will be eliminated by this September. It is a good news for people who love exploring the island nations. Especially Auckland is a great choice. Air connectivity with U.S. has never been stronger, however, nonstop flights are currently increasing. Air New Zealand’s 17 hours flagship from New York City will be debuted in September. Also, Qantas which is one of the Australian airlines has announced direct flight to New York City from June 2023.

And diverse events will catch your eyes. Lantern Festival which was not held for 3 years, will be held in February 2023 to celebrate Lunar New Year. And the largest Pacific Island cultural festival, Pasifika also will be held in March 2023. In July, the quadrennial FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 will be held across New Zealand and Australia with Auckland’s games at Eden Park. Especially this is only held every 4 years, you shouldn’t miss it.

British Columbia, Canada

Canada is one of the biggest countries in the world, and it means there are many site you should visit in Canada. Have you ever heard of British Columbia, one of the provinces in Canada? It is well known for pristine nature and beautiful scenery. Also, there are some islands in BC, and one of them is Haida Gwaii. In this island, Haida, an indigenous group is living and they have their own indigenous cultures. Travellers not only can experience their cultures, but also they can learn Haida’s worldview of Yah’guudang, which means “respect for all livng things and the interdependence that behind us”. There are islands’ ancestral villages including The Village of Queen Charlotte. So, if you are a nature lover, you definitely should visit here.

Mustang, Nepal

Nepal has been famous for the Himalayan destination of choice for backpackers and trekkers because of its deep-rooted spirituality, sky-piercing peaks. However, for luxury-minded people, it was not that true, because they often chose Bhutan, a neighboring nation to visit its superior clutch of upscale mountain lodges. Now, in 2023, Nepal starts to run excellent accommodations.

Mountain Lodges of Nepal, a family-owned collection of deluxe accommodations and they are scattered around the ultra-scenic Annapurna and Everest regions. They will have 15 luxury lodges which are renovated sites and new buildings combining tradition with modernity. You can feel the tradition through stone walls and colorful cultural designs, and can see modern styles through dramatic floor-to-ceiling glass windows. In addition, you can enjoy multi-day treks, wild honey hunting, and helicopter rides to a Mount Everest-facing Champagne breakfast.

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