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COVID-19 Travel Restrictions: Is It Safe To Travel To Mexico Right Now?

One year into the pandemic, travelers are feeling more safe getting out and about and traveling internationally, and Mexico has been a top choice.

“We've seen an unbelievable rebound in travel, and Mexico remains the hottest destination,” said James Berglie, president of Be All Inclusive. “Although I haven't been able to travel in a couple months due to the work-load. We have had a resurgence of new bookings and have been scrambling to hire help and just keep up with the surge.”

Berglie noted that the interest in Mexico is driven, in part, by the steps the country has taken to make travel to the country safe.

“Mexico remains our best selling location not only because of the steps they've taken to protect guests from Covid and to keep guests safe but because they've found a great way to balance restrictions and keep guests safe, without sacrificing people's freedoms as well,” he said. “Plus, out of all tropical destination countries, Mexico has led the way with keeping accessibility as easy as possible for U.S. citizens, and our clients are clearly showing favoritism toward destinations that have the least amount of hoops to jump through for access.”

Ryan Doncsecz, groups manager at VIP Vacations recently returned from a visit to Mexico and praised the resorts, airlines and service providers that made the journey seamless and safe.

“There were many facets of this vacation that I was very, very happy with,” said Doncsecz.

He noted that safety was of the utmost importance, starting with his American Airlines flight on which the mask mandate was made clear from the get-go.

“While I was on a sold out flight, they made it very clear the minute you walked onboard that masks were required and arguing this would get you kicked off the flight,” Doncsecz said.

He also found American’s use of the Verifly app to show COVID-negative test results on the return flight was quick and easy.

“This helped save me so much time via a much shorter line at the Cancun airport,” he said. “I’m estimating the Verifly check in desk was 5-10 percent of the standard boarding line, it is most certainly a less known gamechanger.”

Transfers with Lomas, a local destination management company, were also seamless and safe. The company provided door-to-door service with everyone in masks as well as assistance with paperwork, health declaration forms and the uploading of test results.

At the Hard Rock Riviera Maya, Doncsecz found passionate employees happy to be at work and a smooth check-in process where test results were done in just minutes.

“The Hard Rock Riviera Maya team from check-in to check-out absolutely wowed me,” he said. “I noticed cleaning at every corner and throughout the day, and mask enforcements at bars and restaurants when social distancing could not be enforced. The Covid test on property was also extremely professional, fast, easy, and impressive.”

For travelers heading to Mexico, Doncsecz recommends all travelers pre-test for COVID before their trips.

“The peace of mind of knowing where you stand in terms of possible spread is worth the extra step, but also helping to limit the risk of being involved in a future tricky situation cannot be understated,” he said.

He also suggests individuals thinking about travel to Mexico consider the benefits of getting vaccinated.

“In my opinion, travel rules and regulations will only be easier for those who have fully completed the vaccine process,” he pointed out.

Miki Taylor, founder and CEO at Taylor & Co. Travel, also thinks that vaccines are helping to open up travel, and she has seen a lot more requests for travel to Mexico now and for 2022 weddings.

“I do feel that with more people receiving vaccines every day that traveling is becoming safer and, if we continue to take those necessary precautions like wearing masks on flights and when around other people, that we can continue to expand travel safely for all,” said Taylor.

Berglie reiterated that Mexico travel is a good choice for travelers right now.

“As someone who has an extensive medical history with heart and lung issues, I've returned many times to Mexico over the last year, and wouldn't hesitate to do so now, if work wasn't so busy,” he said. “I absolutely feel it is safe.”

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