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Cuba Continues To Be A Tourist Destination Of Peace, Health, And Safety

Cuba is fighting hard against the COVID-19 pandemic and, despite the recent outbreak, has achieved a case fatality rate of 0.65%, one of the lowest in the world. It already has its own vaccine, ABDALA, the first developed in Latin America, as well as four other vaccine candidates with high efficacy rates. The first clinical trial has begun for the pediatric population with the vaccine candidate SOBERANA 02.

At the present moment, more than 8 million doses have been administered, including tourism workers who have already been vaccinated in Havana and Varadero, and the second dose is being applied in Jardines del Rey.

To continue guaranteeing the health and safety of visitors and workers, the protocols established by the country have been strengthened in all facilities and services of the tourism sector.

All the institutions continue to function normally even under pandemic conditions.

Cuba ratifies that all tourists, including Canadian citizens who are in Cuba, enjoy total security and safety, and enjoy their vacations on their beautiful beaches.

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