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Do Not Travel Without Travel Insurance

Insurance experts warn that those who are planning a vacation outside of Canada should have adequate travel medical insurance.

More countries now make travel insurance — specifically, travel medical insurance — a requirement for visitors.

It’s really important to travel knowing what the entry requirements are and being fully vaccinated for sure will help with the process

Travellers who are double-dosed for at least 14 days or those who have had a first dose and are awaiting a second vaccine will be eligible. However, anyone who is unvaccinated by choice will not be covered under the policy.

The average overnight hospital stay in the U.S. can be between $12,000 and $15,000.

It’s really not worth it to come back with a big huge financial bill. Our provincial health plan does not cover us outside of Canada and in some cases, it doesn’t even cover us outside of our province. So it’s really critical that Canadians travel with it, particularly outside of Canada.

When buying travel medical insurance find out the insurance provider’s exclusions and limitations, especially around pre-existing medical conditions.

Consumers are also advised to review their policies.

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