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Enjoy your winter with Northern Lights Winter Cruise to Norway

Watching a stunning natural phenomenon is one of the bucket lists for many people. Have you ever heard of Northern Lights Cruise to Norway? You can experience a magical aurora borealis with Northern Lights Winter Cruise. Not only watching the beautiful northern lights, but also you can enjoy many exciting things that make you don’t feel bored. Especially, winter cruise is much more exciting than typical cruise.

There are many cruises you can use, and one of them is Fred Olsen Cruise Lines ship. This is a Norwegian-owned cruise line. This cruise is from Liverpool in northwest England to the north of Norway. It also serves the British market including any segment of market.

From now, you can check the things you can experience on the cruise with joyfulness.

Little sightseeing at cruise ports

Cruise stops at some ports, Alta, Narvik and Molde. You can enjoy some attractions in the nearby region. In winter season, cruise ports help to find clear skies for stargazing and seeing northern lights. In Alta, it moored for 36 hours to see the northern lights on the cruise. Actually, Alta, Narvik and Molde are not big towns to do many things, but they have great outdoor experiences, for example, dog sledding and snowshoeing in Alta. And there is Ofoten railway and war museum in Narvik.

Find your taste

The ship can hold almost 1,400, however just under 800 people are usually on board on a ship. So, you don’t have any problems with waiting for finding a table in the buffet or in the bar. First of all, you can grab British food on the cruise. Main restaurant offers roast carvery and free afternoon tea. Do you want any other international dishes? Sure! Many international staff is in the kitchens on board to serve you diverse delicacy. There is a buffet restaurant as well, so you can put whatever you want on your own dishes. Also, there are two speciality restaurants if you pay an additional charge, but they are worth it. They offer the food of Asian fusion concept.

Develop and improve yourself

Do you want to spend time with meaningful experience? Of course watching the northern lights is valuable experience itself, however, some people might think ‘how do we stay on a cruise for two weeks? Isn’t it such a long time?’. Don’t worry about it. Diverse classes took place in the studio space. For example, you can take arts and crafts class including watercolours based on the Arctic landscapes you’ve seen on the cruise. Are you not that interested in arts? What about cooking classes or musical instrument class? For example, you can enjoy learning the ukulele which is quite easy to learn.

Join festive events

In most lounges, live music festivals are held and you can have dancing time with people you love. Also, there is an Arctic circle for a ceremony. This is for people who were heading north for the first time. The icy ceremony is one of the most popular events on the ship outside the evening shows, and you can meet many guests and have fun with new people!

The most valuable experience, the Northern Lights

The real reason you decide to be on the cruise is the Northern Lights. As you already know, it takes a lot of time and patience to see aurora. Mostly you should spend three nights in the high north with very little to show for it. However, if you just stay with patience, you can see the evening’s show. This overwhelming natural phenomenon will give you unforgettable memories ever !

January is the great opportunity to see the northern lights in northern Norway. No one knows when the aurora might be shown, and how long it might last, but just go and experience this overwhelming and stunning Northern lights.

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