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SkyTeam Launches Carry-on Bag Tool

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Travelers connecting on SkyTeam member airlines now have a new tool to take the guess work out of flying.

SkyTeam’s new Carry-on Calculator is available online and compares the carry-on bag allowances of every airline.

Travelers simply enter their class of travel and the airlines they are flying with and the calculator does the rest in seconds.

The SkyTeam-developed Carry-on Calculator quickly compares, basing results on the most restrictive carry-on and personal item allowance for every flight.

It takes into account bag dimensions and maximum weight.

“Not having the correct hand baggage can mean customers encounter the unexpected stress of having to check-in items at the gate,” said Patrick Roux, SkyTeam CEO.

“With Carry-on Calculator tool, customers can quickly find out how much they can bring on board and enjoy their journey.”

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