Taiwan Fact Finding Tips From Rainbow Travel Inc.

Updated: May 8, 2020

Rainbow Travel Lands In Taipei

Our Travel Consultant, Nigel was fortunate to be able to go on a fact finding trip to Taiwan recently and he was able to give us a valuable insight into the places to visit and the delights of Taiwanese cooking.
Here are his suggestions and recommendations on his week long trip.

Day 1.
Boarding Air Canada's Dreamliner Flight from Vancouver to Taipei on Flight AC17 Direct 12 hour flight.
Service on board was excellent starting with a cooked dinner with complimentary wine, followed by snacks to keep you not feeling hungry and an excellent choice of latest run movies.

Arrival at Taipei Airport 12 hours later.

Met by my guide at Taipai Airport and a short ride on Taiwan's M.R.T Rapid Transit train to downtown Xiaman Square. This is one Taipei's main squares, a very busy and lively area, the first store that hits the eye coming out of the M.R.T. Station is H&M, almost a home from home.

After checking in at the Han Shen Hotel (see below). A great budget property minutes from Xiaman Square, very clean and helpful staff.

Back out in the mid afternoon heat to The LONG SAN SU TEMPLE, one of Taipei's oldest temples, this is apparently the place to meet your next loved one with the Budda's blessing, the smell of incense was quite overpowering.
Huaxi Street Night Market.
This is a market to be seen to be believed, Taipei is famous for it's " Street Food" but this was a sight to be seen, so much choice as well as amazing gifts to buy, a true night market that stays open late into the warm night.
Day 2.
A visit to the famous Red House, a heritage building showing the history of Xiaman Square through the ages, a first glimpse of a typical Taiwanese Toilet, vastly different from Canada.
A trip to The National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, which shows the history of the birth of the Taiwanese Nation. A fascinating exhibit including a life like replica of the Dr making one of his famous speeches, along with his presidential Cadillac Limos which he used on state occasions, as well as all of his medals of hounour bestowed to him by so many countries.

The changing of the guard ceremony is not to be missed. Every two hours the guards change and an amazing display of military precision is displayed in the main hall with an enourmous figure of Dr Dr. Sun Yat-sen sitting on a throne watching over the whole proceedings.
Taiei's tallest tower, Taipei 101 is only a short distance walk away and gaze at this amazingly tall structure which dominates the skyline. Take the world's fastest elevator whisk you to the top if you can part with the equivelant of around CAD $30.00.

If you want to take a trip to the top of Taipei 101? The Taipei 101 Observatory is open every day from 9AM to 10PM. The observatory is spread over 4 floors where visitors can enjoy the fantastic scenery and learn about the engineering marvel that is Taipei 101, the tallest green building the world.​5F Taipei 101 Mall - Here, visitors purchase tickets and take the Guinness World Record breaking high-speed elevator to the observatory on the 89TH floor, traveling at 1,010 metres/min (60.6KPH), taking only 37 seconds to ascend to the observatory at the 89TH floor.

Once you have parted with your elevator fee why not go the whole way and buy a gift from one of the high end stores inside, you can choose from Gucci, Prada, Burberry and Chanel to name but a few.

Take the M.R.T. to Yongkang St Market and enjoy a cup of Taro or Lemon Jasmin Tea to help soak up the evening air.
Take a trip out of town on the bus to enjoy a natural hot spring spa at Tuan Tan up in the mountains in the Beitou District. You soak up the youth enhancing minerals in your birthday suit ladies to the right and men to the left, no mixing of the sexes.
The hot spring is as it says, very hot temperature but there are plenty of ice cold "plunge pools" to cool yourself down, as well as high pressure massaging showers.
Why not take advantage of eating at the spa restaurant at a cost of around CAD 16.00 per person by using your entrance fee towards the cost ( a cost of around CAD 8.00 per person). Take the last bus back to downtown at around 10:30pm to the M.R.T. Station to your hotel.
Day 3
Temple Taipei Xiahai City God Temple on Dihua St.

Day 4
Ximending If you have ever been to Japan or seen Japanese dramas, you will find that Ximending resembles shopping streets in Japan. Ximending is located in the Wanhua district of Taipei and became developed when the Japanese colonized Taiwan, hence its resemblance.