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These Are the Safest Airlines to Fly Right Now

November 26 2020

Airlines were graded in three categories: COVID-19 safety protocols, traveler convenience, and service excellence.

Out of the 39 North American airlines assessed, Delta Air Lines was ranked number one in North America with a Safe Travel Score of 4.1 out of 5. Since the pandemic began, Delta has implemented various in-flight cleaning measures through its Delta CareStandard program, and has partnered with medical and sanitization experts.

Delta has also blocked adjacent or middle seats through January 2021, to ensure adequate distance between passengers.

On top of that, the airline also introduced traveler-friendly flexible cancellation and rebooking policies—which include a two-year credit note. Air Canada and Southwest tied for a close second, each earning a Safe Travel Score of 4.0.

The Safest Airlines to Fly in North America During COVID-19

  1. Delta Airlines

2. Air Canada

3. Southwest Airlines

4. Alaska Airlines

5. United Airlines

6. Air North

7. Allegiant Air

8. America Airlines

9. Air Transat

10. West Jet

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