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Top 6 Cities With The Best Nightlife In Europe

Thanks To Liam Mallari 02/08/2019

1. Berlin’s Nightlife, Germany

You’ll find Berlin at the Top 5 Cities with the best nightlife for a reason. The city has a vibrant and intense clubbing scene that is unparalleled in Europe. Berlin attracts a lot of like-minded party animals. That’s why it’s almost a guarantee to have a good time in one of its numerous clubs. Berghain is undoubtedly the city’s most famous nightclub, as well as the most exclusive one. Once a power plant, now it’s the epicenter of Berlin’s clubbing scene. You can’t miss visiting it if you’re looking for a great time! Fortunately, reaching Berlin by train is easy — you can get there from Amsterdam, London, and Frankfurt, among other cities.

2. Amsterdam’s Nightlife, the Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of the cities that deserve its reputation as one of the best to party. It’s a popular destination, especially for lovers of trance, techno, hip hop, deep house, and EDM. Some of the most important places to visit are the Warehouse Elementenstraat and Sugar Factory. Both are great clubs to party at, depending on what you like. One thing is for sure — the parties are wild. The clubs don’t close until 3 or 4 a.m., so there is plenty of time to enjoy. Reach Amsterdam by train from any major European cities like Berlin, Paris, London, and Brussels.

3. Stockholm, Sweden

In the cold Scandinavia, both the locals and tourists know how to party. Stockholm is among the cities with the best nightlife owing to the variety of clubs and great crowds in them. Hell’s Kitchen is a place you can’t miss in Stockholm, so make sure to check it out. This city is easily reached by train from other European rail hubs.

4. Rome, Italy

Rome’s unique historic atmosphere enhances the quality of clubbing in the city. Quintessentially Italian, the experience of clubbing in Rome has a certain life-loving, casual charm to it. Big dance floors, friendly bartenders, and a fun atmosphere make Rome’s nightlife a unique experience. One of the best parts about visiting Italy is that there are plenty of train rides. They can get you anywhere you want to go. Some of them will treat you with gorgeous sights along the way.

5.London, U.K.

London has a different clubbing scene that puts it among the top five cities with the best nightlife in Europe. You can visit glamorous nightclubs, burlesque shows, retro clubs, and anything in between. It’s a great place to party, and getting to London by train is accessible from most major European cities. Don’t miss the London clubbing experience!

6.Liverpool, U.K.

The city of Liverpool is well known for its lively nightlife with a range of events and venues located in Liverpool city centre and the surrounding areas. The city is an energetic one, locals have a sense of fun enjoying a good night out. The city attracts many visitors with its vibrant, dynamic nightlife. The range of nightlife available in Liverpool means there is something to suit most tastes including clubs, niche and specialist clubs, traditional bars, contemporary and themed bars.

As the hometown of the Beatles, Liverpool is studded with sites connected to the Fab Four. From their old homes and hangouts to museums devoted to the beloved band, see below for a rundown of Liverpool’s must-see Beatles sights. The Cavern Club This humble underground venue is where the Beatles got their start, playing here a total of almost 300 times before exploding onto the scene. Nowadays, Beatles fans come here to see where it all began and to listen to live performers, including Beatles tribute bands, do their thing.

The birthplace of passenger shipping

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