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Turkish Airlines Resumes “Touristanbul” Program

Turkish Airlines has resumed its “Touristanbul” program. The airline offers the opportunity to discover Istanbul with a complimentary city tour to international stopover passengers.

Through “Touristanbul,” the airline provides guests with a connecting time between six to 24 hours in Istanbul Airport with a complimentary city tour. Eligible passengers can discover Istanbul’s historical and cultural icons, such as Sultanahmet Mosque, Ayasofya Mosque and Topkapı Palace, between their connecting flights. Passengers will be picked up from Istanbul Airport by a “Touristanbul” vehicle. They will tour the city accompanied by a guide and will be transferred back to the airport for the next leg of their flight.

Per Ahmet Olmuştur, Turkish Airlines’ chief marketing officer, “With the ‘Touristanbul’ project, we aim to showcase Turkish hospitality and Istanbul’s unique wonders to our guests and contribute to the tourism of Türkiye. Our goal is to increase transfer passenger numbers and our market share with this premium service. After being suspended in 2020 due to COVID-19, ‘Touristanbul’ is now restarting. Since 2019, 349,738 guests have had the chance to discover Istanbul through this service. The satisfaction of our guests opting for the service, along with increase in the number of passengers, give us motivation for the future of the program. We expect approximately 60,000 guests to benefit from the ‘Touristanbul’ program by the end of the year.”

“Touristanbul” offers six tours every day and passengers can choose the one that accommodates their flight times.

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