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Understanding New Travel Rules For Unvaccinated Children

Currently, no COVID-19 vaccines are approved for children under 12. That immediately creates a scenario of families with mixed vaccine status.

Details of Phase I of Canada’s reopening plan, it actually does state that unvaccinated children – travelling with fully vaccinated parents – will not have to go into hotel quarantine. But they will have self-isolate at home for 14 full days after arriving in Canada, with no testing short cuts.

That compares with their fully vaccinated parents who are exempt from hotel quarantine and will only need to undergo pre-boarding testing and arrival testing, and have a plan in place to isolate until that arrival test clears them in a couple of days. They will not be required to complete a third, ‘Day 8’ test – or the two-week quarantine.

Government officials have said that those vaccinated parents will be able to leave the house during the 14-day at-home quarantine that their unvaccinated children must complete.

Vaccines For Children Under 12 Near Approval

The report says both mRNA vaccine companies Pfizer and Moderna have begun trials in children as young as six months old. Pfizer expects early results next month – and full results by September.

That could give parents the confidence to book winter and spring break vacations for 2022.

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