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Updated: Puerto Rico relaxes the rules for vaccinated American travelers

Puerto Rico will relax entry protocols for inbound domestic travelers who are fully vaccinated, including the elimination of a negative Covid-19 test result, effective May 25, according to the government's latest executive order.

Those travelers must present a valid vaccination card upon entry.

In addition, the local curfew, which has been in effect since March 2020 from midnight to 5 a.m., has been eliminated.

This is the third time Puerto Rico has published a change to its vaccination plan. It most recently said the test requirement would be eliminated for vaccinated travelers as of May 28; originally, it was May 24.

"As restrictions loosen, we look forward to welcoming travelers seeking to responsibly explore our island while taking advantage of the ease of travel that comes with Puerto Rico being a U.S. territory," Brad Dean, CEO of Discover Puerto Rico, said after the initial change was published.

Covid-19 test results will continue to be required for all unvaccinated travelers and for those arriving on international flights. The test must be done 72 hours prior to arrival, and a Travel Declaration Form must be filled out through the Puerto Rico Health Department's portal to obtain an Airport Exit Confirmation number and QR code.

Puerto Rico will continue to impose a $300 fine for those unvaccinated passengers who arrive without a PCR test. These travelers are required to obtain a PCR test on the island within 48 hours of arrival and upload the result to the online portal. If negative, the fine will be dismissed; if positive, the traveler must isolate and seek medical attention.

Additional reduced restrictions include increased capacities for businesses, raised from 30% to 50%; the removal of a mask requirement in parks and on beaches for fully vaccinated travelers and permission to consume alcohol at pools and on beaches.

The island's entertainment venues will reopen at 30% capacity, with all attendees required to present a vaccination card or negative antigen test for admission.

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