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WestJet Unveils New Routes and Enhanced Connectivity Amidst Iceland’s Volcanic Threat

Despite the looming threat of an impending volcanic eruption in Iceland, WestJet boldly introduces its new service connecting Calgary to Reykjavik, amplifying its European summer 2024 network. The airline's announcement comes amidst volcanic activity, demonstrating their commitment to expanded connectivity and increased accessibility for travelers.

Commencing from May 15, 2024, WestJet will operate a four-times weekly service between Calgary and Reykjavik, providing direct connectivity and becoming the sole airline offering this route. This move aligns with WestJet's strategic expansion in Western Canada, further augmented by enhancements to its 787 Dreamliner hub, including increased frequencies for international routes and the addition of daily exclusive service to Japan.

John Weatherill, WestJet Group’s Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, emphasized the airline's commitment to fostering essential connectivity between communities while acknowledging the current volcanic threat in Iceland. He reassured travelers, stating, "We agreed to announce our intention to begin service to Keflavik in May; we will continue to closely monitor volcanic activity in the region and follow the recommendations of local authorities."

Additionally, WestJet's service to Reykjavik will be complemented by an interline agreement with Icelandair. This partnership will facilitate seamless travel across both airlines' networks, allowing passengers the convenience of one boarding pass, single check-in, and baggage checked through to their final destination.

Expanding further into European routes, WestJet is reigniting connectivity between major Eastern Canadian cities and European destinations. With services from Toronto to Dublin and Edinburgh, Halifax to Dublin, Edinburgh, and London, and St. John's to London, the airline is stimulating leisure, business, and cargo demand. The initiative emphasizes WestJet's commitment to Eastern and Atlantic Canada's international air connectivity.

In Western Canada, WestJet is amplifying its offerings with increased frequency between Calgary and Tokyo, responding to heightened demand for this route by ramping up service to daily flights during the summer of 2024. Additionally, the airline is expanding services to several transatlantic destinations, such as Rome, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Paris, London (Heathrow), and Dublin, providing more choices and accessibility for travelers in the region.

WestJet's bold expansion plans and strategic route enhancements demonstrate their resilience and commitment to providing enhanced connectivity despite external challenges, ensuring travelers continue to access a diverse range of global destinations with ease and convenience.

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