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Hello Nigel.  I returned to Vancouver after the amazing trip you organized for me. This was a trip of a lifetime.  Thank you for all of your help in coordinating this trip.  Some reflections and feedback on portions of my trip:

British Airways service and food with BA was excellent and I received meals with my dietary requirements as Rainbow Travel Inc ordered for me. 

My hotel in Barcelona was great, as recommended by Rainbow Travel Inc. The hotel staff were really helpful.  Rooms were clean and it was very central to the LGBT community.  I would definitely stay there again.

After my men's retreat I stayed for a couple of days in Tarragona.  You had booked my hotel at Hotel Canada.  The hotel was quite old but the staff were friendly.  The neighborhood was a bit sketchy but this led me to meet some very nice local people once I was able to relax into the environment. I made the best of it and had a great time.

I had fun navigating the trains and the Barcelona Sants Station is massive and very confusing to navigate.  Once I made it to Marseille, I checked into the hotel which was very swank and nice but just that day the air conditioning broke down and it was 37C and very humid.  The hotel was accommodating and offered to set me up in their sister hotel across the harbor.  Because I was tired and it was hot I just decided to stay in my hotel room, which was very large and very clean.  The location was perfect and next to Le Vieux Harbor.  In lieu of not having AC the hotel gave me food vouchers at a very fancy hotel across the street. Overall, one of the most beautiful cities I have been in.  I would definitely recommend that hotel due to the quality and location, thanks again to Rainbow Travel Inc for finding the hotel and location.

The train and hotel to Paris was amazing, Rainbow Travel organized all that for me as well as the Hotel Bastille Pavillon was great.  I enjoyed staying there.  The Paris in  a Day Tour was very much worth it, thanks to Rainbow Travel Inc for suggesting this particular tour and the team was very helpful at finding my cruise tickets.  

My hotel and London in a Day Tour were excellent, again suggested location and tour by Nigel at Rainbow Travel Inc as well and low and behold it happened to be Pride weekend when I was there and I was walking distance from everything.

Overall,  a very nice experience.  Thanks so much for Rainbow Travel and your patience with my enquiries and requests. 


- Dion





My husband Teddy and I were so happy with all of our flight bookings and seats for our trip this past August.


Your prompt, efficient and excellent communication and service has made our Philippine visits this year an enjoyable and stress free experience for us.


We will be coming to you for future trips. Please pass this on to the owner of Rainbow Travel - you are our travel agent of choice!


Salamat Madelyn!


All the best,


- Ginny 

We had a very relaxing trip back. We really enjoyed driving the car. Weather and scenery were great. Have a wonderful fall. I would certainly recommend you to anyone who needs to rent a car in Vancouver.

Thanks again. 

 -Ralhpina McLeod

The service is great. They're awesome. Thank you very much for all of your help. 

More power to your office and God Bless.

-Maria Liza Demafelis

  British Columbia, Canada

     "First time experienced with Rainbow Travel when I traveled back home to Philippines last March 12,2020 and it was great..Ms Madelyn De asis was very caring and so much helpful. I e-mailed her to re booked my flight back to Vancouver due to covid 19 ECQ in Luzon.She really helped me a get an earliest flight.She checked me via email how am I and even called me in the Philippines just to remind my flight back here to Vancouver..Madelyn,thank you so much for all your help.You really awesome!!--Guys I recommend Rainbow Travel- They are responsible and very caring.Next year I will be your costumer again Ms Madelyn De Asis..Keep up good works.Thanks a lot."

-Emelita E. Agustin

 British Columbia, Canada

Hi Thant,
I really do appreciate all the assistance you  done  to me
and your staff  are helpful too.since  I use Rainbow travel
Helping  for my travel plan and have proper travel insurance .
Thats what I like  use your business I know its reliable travel Agency,
thats also reason I did recommended to my friend, I know they will look after their clientele!
thank you


- Marilyn Van Der Have

  British Columbia, Canada

Dear Mr Thant,

I received the info today and very much appreciate you assistance.

I am glad that you warned me about the manner in which foreign tourists ad noare treated in the Chinese airports.

 Your experience and expertise was a great benefit to me. I was able to prepare; I had no great surprises; it was stressful;

My conçerns about stopovers were imaginary and exagerrated,; Busy line ups and I felt staff was slow,and even though I was among the last to board, Everything turned out fine.

Thanks again for you help.


- James Donald Furminger 

  British Columbia, Canada

Yes!!!! Thant, particularly, helped me with my travel planning whenever I visit the Philippines. They're the only travel agency that I truly, truly recommend!

Wilson SalViejo

British Columbia, Canada

It was a pleasure. Nigel took of everything except packing for us. Other passengers on the cruise were amazed with our arrangements thinking we had done it ourselves. All of Nigel's advice and recommendations were bang on. Heard quite a few problems from other passengers that booked the cruise without experienced travel agent.

- Mark & Pam

  Queen Elizabeth Alaska Cruise Departing Vancouver May 2019

Last summer when my sister announced that she had booked her flight to Manila with Rainbow Travel agency, I was not very enthusiastic.  I told her I had wanted to arrange my daughter's and my  flights through another agency (one that has several branches around the city).

Despite my reservations, I acquiesced to my sister's request to go to Rainbow Travel.  (She said a Rainbow staff member named Thant had helped her and she was pleased with the service.)  So I called Rainbow Travel and spoke to Mr Thant.

I am writing to you to tell you that I am so happy that my sister told me about you! I also want to thank you for the excellent way Mr. Thant  looked after my travel needs.  I was very impressed with the way he was  patient in answering my questions.

He was generous with his time whenever I had occasion or need to call him to clarify details about my trip.  He never sounded hurried or harried. He was generous with his expertise and offered me suggestions when I asked for them.   Mr Thant always made me feel like a special client. 

And the best part was when I had to call and email him when I was already in Manila and wanted to make new  arrangements regarding my sister's flight before the new year.  Mr. Thant gave me his usual impeccable service - helpful, generous and prompt.

So thank you, Mr. Thant!  I am so glad you are there at Rainbow Travel.  You can be sure to see me again!

Happy New Year to you!

Take care,

- Bee Bulandus

  British Columbia, Canada

Headed to Atlanta, Georgia to see a potential GF, and had everything booked.  However, there were issues with my passport and had to rearrange my flight. With the help of Rainbow Travel, they helped me to rearrange my flight and was on my flight. Will I book with them again? Definitely.

-  Albert Hong

   British Columbia, Canada

On November 24, my 20 year old son Connor flew to Southeast Asia where he’s spending the next four months travelling for the first time on his own returning March 11st. Needless to say, as his mother I was worried.

However, at BNI Grand Fortune City we are truly fortunate to have Nigel Jacobson and Rainbow Travel helping us all with our travel arrangements, and I can’t thank Nigel enough for all his wonderful support.

It began when Connor started looking on-line for the cheapest flight he could find. Connor was so sure this was the best price possible and being 20 years old, he was reluctant to ask for help, but I encouraged him to talk to Nigel and Rainbow Travel’s expert in Southeast Asia, Thant. Sure enough, Rainbow Travel was able to find a better priced ticket, took care of Connor’s passport requirements and gave Connor important travel tips.

Each week since Connor’s been travelling, first to Bangkok, then Phuket and Singapore, Nigel has made a point of asking how Connor’s trip is going and Nigel always reassures me for those in-between times when we may miss a few days hearing from Connor. During our BNI meetings we often hear Nigel giving us updates on travel advisories (“London is dealing with a snowstorm” or “The Panama Canal is closed”) and I take huge comfort in knowing that Nigel is keeping an eye on Southeast Asia and my son Connor. This insight is invaluable, especially when we have loved ones travelling. Thank you so much Nigel, we are very fortunate to have you looking out for us all.

I highly recommend Nigel Jacobson and Rainbow Travel. They truly are…Small enough to care, Big enough to make it happen!


Cynthia Roney
Certified Executive Coach & Business Consultant
Executive Passage 

Cynthia Roney

British Columbia, Canada

For A Holiday

I would just like to say I have recently returned from an amazing cruising adventure around the Mediterranean with Atlantis Events visiting Italy, Greece and Egypt. Rainbow Travel put the trip together for me and arranged my flights to Rome, overnight hotel accommodation, transfers to the ship and medical insurance. There were a lot of arrangements to be made and Nigel and Thant helped me by making suggestions on how to get the best value including a cabin upgrade and make everything run smoothly. I was very pleased with Rainbow Travel and would not hesitate to recommend them for these kind of intricate travel arrangements.

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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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