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8 Best Birthday Travel Ideas

This year you have a chance to explore the wonders of the world as travel regulations continue to be made favorable. Vacation destinations that had been closed earlier are slowly reopening as the world adjusts to living with the pandemic. Here are 8 Best Birthday Travel Ideas In 2021 that you should consider.

Cape Cod

This region is located in eastern Massachusetts and is one of the most toured regions on the East Coast. In 2021, it still tops the charts as one of the best birthday travel destinations. There is a lot for you to see in this area including beautiful beaches, parks, historic lighthouses, and a lot of natural recreation. While you tour this town, it is important that you look for safe accommodation. Vacation rentals make the best choice when it comes to this. Rather than staying in a cramped hotel room, you could opt to stay in one of the many and luxurious Cape Cod vacation rentals. This will give you a home-like feeling because you will have access to amenities like the kitchen and laundry room and devices like HVAC equipment. This comes in handy especially when traveling with family as you will have a chance to make hearty meals and clean up during your stay. In addition, there is some degree of privacy in a vacation rental as compared to a hotel.

Best Birthday Travel Ideas In 2021: Alaska

Despite being geographically separate from the United States, Alaska is one of the most fascinating and scenic places to visit. It’s the perfect birthday destination for a ski holiday with kids. When you go to this part of the country, you will get to see remote glaciers, soaring mountains, majestic moose, 12ft-tall bears, and lots of deserted coastlines. Among the top places that you can visit in Alaska is the Denali National Park, where you will get to see bears, wolves, and moose. You will also get a chance to walk along the Savage River as you admire the still waters. If you love to fish, you can get a chance to visit the fishing hub of Alaska, Homer. Additionally, you could leave the wilderness and go to Anchorage which is the largest city in Alaska. When you visit Alaska with family, you should ensure that you visit the Arctic Circle Day Tour from Fairbanks and the Matanuska Glacier Full day Tour. These two tours will complete your Alaskan vacation.

The Grand Canyon In Arizona

Despite getting about five million visitors annually, The Grand Canyon is still among the best places to visit in 2021. It is the most popular landmark in the United States and appears beautiful from every angle. You can go hiking in this region or take a helicopter ride to enjoy the landscape from an aerial view. You can access the North and South Rims from the opposite sides of the canyon. Most people prefer to visit the Grand Canyon National Park’s South Rim because it is always open even during winter. You can take road drives either privately or using the tour shuttle buses in this area to enjoy the desert view. At the Grand Canyon, you can get to see more than 447 bird species that are there, camp overnight in the wilderness, and take part in fun activities like rafting. In this region, fun opportunities are endless!

Best Birthday Travel Idea In 2021: Crater Lake National Park

Located in Oregon, Crater Lake occupies fifty-three square kilometers. The lake sits inside Mount Mazama which was formed over 7000 years ago by an explosion. It has blue waters that provide a stunning reflection that will leave you in awe. The beauty of this lake is that you can go scuba diving for approximately 2000ft if you fancy that kind of fun. To enjoy your trip to this area, you need to spend three days exploring all the wonders that the lake has to offer.

Disney World

The last on the list is Disney theme parks and resorts in Orlando. This enchanting place makes the best birthday travel place for people who are completely drained from their everyday activities. This is especially true for certified nurses who have just completed the NCLEX RN exam and are in need of a fun vacation. Lucky for them, since the year began, most of the parks have reopened and are ready for business. Given how popular it is, this place is often crowded so you will have to plan your visit wisely. To enjoy your stay, you will need to stay about 6-7 days. Some of the attractions that you should intend to see include Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan’s Flight among others.

Best Birthday Travel Places In 2021: Venice In Italy, Europe

Located in northeastern Italy, Venice is a sight to behold for travelers. It’s the capital of the Veneto region and is made up of 118 small islands separated by canals. These islands are connected by more than 400 bridges. There are no roads, meaning no noisy traffic. People travel on boats in the canals, serving the visitors with some impressive displays that can’t be seen elsewhere. Venice is considered to be one of the most unique cities in the world, enlisting it as one of the top destinations for travelers and photographers in 2021. Moreover, Venice is known to be incredibly romantic in its nature. Venice also tops many lists of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s due to its unique no-road offering, impressive vintage buildings, and historic elements found all over its construction.

Best Birthday Travel Destination In 2021: Lake Baikal, Russia

Being the largest country in the world, Russia has a lot to offer including beaches, mountains, and historic buildings. However, Lake Baikal is the top pick for many travelers and photographers. It’s one of the oldest-known lakes in the world, with many reports claiming it’s more than 25 million years old. It’s also the deepest lake in the world, reaching a maximum depth of 1642 meters. What’s more? Baikal is the largest freshwater lake in the world. More than 20% of the world’s natural water resides in this lake. For around 5 months per year, the lake stays covered under a thick layer of ice. However, it’s still possible to see as deep as 40 meters under it. For around 10 months per year, its water stays under an icy temperature of 5 degrees Celcius. However, around the month of August, its temperature goes up to 16 degrees Celsius, making it great for quick swims and dips.

The Great Wall Of China

Even though China has grown out to be a technologically advanced country today, it still hasn’t lost the charm and fascination it had when it was first discovered. There’s a lot fancy and mysterious about China, but the Great Wall tops all the ratings and rankings. According to a popular Chinese saying, “Nobody can be a true hero unless he has been on the Great Wall”. Extending beyond a length of 6000 kilometers, this massive monument is one of its kind, and is a must-visit for every traveler. Its average height is around 6 to 8 meters, however, it goes beyond more than 16 meters at its peak height. It’s wide enough that more than 10 walkers can walk on it side by side. The wall has many impressive fortifications, however, the oldest ones are dated back to around the 7th century BC. The Great Wall is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that must not be missed at any cost.

Best Birthday Travel Ideas In 2021: Conclusion

While you may have canceled your vacation in 2020 due to the pandemic, you can still take that trip this year. However, make sure you take all the steps to save on your transportation costs. You should aim to at least visit Cape Cod, Alaska, the Grand Canyon, Crater Lake, and Disneyworld. Start planning your trip today for you to enjoy your travels. We prefer traveling by train for as much as you can so you can also enjoy the views best.

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