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Air New Zealand Will Launch Lie-Flat Seats in Economy

What: Air New Zealand Is Launching Lie-Flat Pods in Economy Called the SkyNest

Air New Zealand will offer lie-flat sleep pods for travelers flying in the economy cabin, starting in 2024. Called the SkyNest, the six lie-flat sleep pods can be booked for four hours at a time. They will be available on the airline’s Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, and are part of a new cabin experience that also includes a front row called Business Premier Luxe.

Why It Matters: Getting Rest Will Now Be More Attainable on Air New Zealand

Lie-flat seats are the main reason that clients spring for business or first-class seating — but the steep cost of these cabins is inaccessible to most.

While the lie-flat capability will be offered for an additional and currently undisclosed fee, the SkyNest is a huge and welcome step toward making the economy flight experience more attractive — and assisting in Air New Zealand’s goal of creating a more restful long-haul flight experience.

Fast Facts: The New Cabin Experience Is Designed to Promote Sleep in Various Ways

- The new cabin experience will promote restful sleep in most aspects, from new lighting and carpeting to “the engineering minutia of the seats themselves.”

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