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Amazing things you can enjoy in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, there are many amazing things you can do like rollerblading in Vondelpark, pedal boating in the canals, a sobering visit to the Anne Frank House. The most famous place is Van Gogh Museum where you can admire the brightly colored sunflower paintings.

This year, the great art is even more spectacular thanks to a Vermeer exhibition ate the Rijksmuseum. This museum just opened and will run through June 3. Art lovers should visit here and they will be swooning the art works of Vermeer and 28 of the artist’s work on display.

Do you know the “Girl with a Pearl Earring”? This amazing art work is so popular worldwide, so you can see this one on everything from posters and coasters. In Amsterdam, you can appreciate the real masterpiece. Just keep in mind that the Vermeer exhibition through March 30, after which it will move back to its permanent home at the Mauritshuis in The Hague.

And Amsterdam officials are trying to address the problem in red-light district, they recently announced a ban on smoking marijuana in the streets. This new regulation will be introduced in May. In addition, the red-light district visiting hours are also in the works.

For more information about Amsterdam, visit the Netherlands Board of Tourism website.

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