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Canada Expected To End Pre-Arrival COVID Testing For Vaccinated Traveller

The Canadian federal government is expected to announce the removal of pre-arrival COVID-19 testing for fully vaccinated travellers entering Canada “as soon as tomorrow,” according to new reports.

As reported by CBC, sources with “knowledge of the matter” are confirming that Canada is removing testing requirements at airports and land border crossings at the end of MAR, and will continue to randomly test travellers upon arrival to identify and track variants of COVID-19.

Currently, travellers entering Canada must provide a negative rapid test within a day of arrival, or PCR test within 72 hours.

Canada’s travel industry has been lobbying the government to ease all testing requirements. Wendy Paradis, president of the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies, said in an interview that rapid tests remain an “unnecessary barrier” to family and business travel.

Canada’s vaccine mandate for domestic and international flights departing from Canada, for VIA Rail and Rocky Mountaineer trains and for cruise ships expires in MAR, and is expected to be extended, reports CBC.

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