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Canada-Israel Travel Alert: ETA Required from August 1st!

All travelers to Israel will soon need to have a current visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA-IL) before they leave. Beginning on August 1, 2024, travelers from the United States, Canada, and all other nations exempt from requiring a visa must complete this form.

"ETA expedites online confirmation and streamlines the entry process for visitors from countries where a visa is not required," officials stated on May 29.

"All visitors to Israel must have a valid visa or ETA-IL approval prior to departure as of AUG2024."

The new regulation does not apply to Israeli citizens or those with an Israeli identity number, nor does it apply to travelers from nations where a visa is still necessary.

1. To expedite the entry process, ETA-IL serves as an authorization system for travelers from nations exempt from requiring authorizations.

2. Following clearance via the ETA-IL system, eligible visitors are permitted to remain for a maximum of ninety days.

3. There is no need to reapply at this time because the approval is good for up to two years or until the passport expires.

4. A new travel permit is needed if your passport is being renewed or if your personal information changes.

5. During the trial program, the 25 NIS (about $9.25 CAD) cost of an ETA-IL is waived.

6. Email for technical support.

7. US and German nationals are now eligible for the pilot program, which starts on June 1, 2024. Other nationalities may apply as of IJUL 2024, however 1AUG 2024 is when mandatory approval is needed.

8. Before it becomes required, the pilot phase's goals are to test the application procedure and activate the system. Visitors from the participating nations in the pilot are welcome to participate voluntarily during this time.

Note: Effective June 1, 2024, only, the website will be available.

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