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Escape the Crowds: Hidden Gems for a Less-Crowded European Summer

Updated: Apr 27

Looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of Europe's most popular summer destinations? You're not alone. As travelers seek quieter, off-the-beaten-path locales, a trend for exploring alternative European destinations is on the rise.

Here's a list of their favorite alternative European destinations for a summer getaway:

Braga, Portugal: Portugal's oldest city offers a charming atmosphere with cobbled streets, traditional cuisine, and historical landmarks like Sé Cathedral and Bom Jesus do Monte.

Bordeaux, France: Known for its world-class wine and architectural splendor, Bordeaux provides a sophisticated alternative to the bustling streets of Paris. Explore pedestrian-friendly avenues and nearby châteaux for a taste of French elegance.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Amsterdam's trendy sibling boasts a vibrant cultural scene, eco-friendly initiatives, and modern design. Discover green spaces, innovative architecture, and pedestrianized streets in this dynamic port city.

Bergen, Norway: Nestled amidst stunning natural landscapes, Bergen offers a picturesque retreat with colorful wooden houses, snow-capped mountains, and scenic fjords. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure and tranquility.

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Escape the crowds of the Dalmatian coast and immerse yourself in the charm of Mostar. Wander through fairytale-like streets, marvel at ancient stone bridges, and explore surrounding vineyards and waterfalls for an authentic Balkan experience.

Whether you're craving cultural immersion, outdoor exploration, or culinary delights, these alternative European destinations promise a summer getaway like no other. So why not venture off the beaten path and discover the hidden treasures awaiting you?

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