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Experience Worlds Of Marvel Restaurant On Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line will debut an immersive family dining experience with a Worlds of Marvel restaurant on the Disney Wish, set to debut in summer 2022.

Called "Avengers: Quantum Encounter," the restaurant is described as a "cinematic dining adventure." Danny Handke, Disney's senior creative director of Walt Disney Imagineering, called it the line's "most ambitious dining experience ever."

Disney said that Wish guests will play an interactive role in "an action-packed Avengers mission" that unfolds during a dinner that will have a worldly menu inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the fictional locations of Wakanda and Sokovia and the Avengers' home base of New York.

"Avengers: Quantum Encounter" will follow Ant-Man and the Wasp as they embark on their first public speaking engagement on behalf of the Avengers and will host a presentation of superhero technologies such as Captain America's shield, Iron Man's arc reactor and Ant-Man's Pym Particles. Every table at Worlds of Marvel will feature an interactive Quantum Core, "a brand-new device that can cause objects to shrink and grow remotely."

Also debuting on the Wish will be two casual dining options. Marceline Market, named for Walt Disney's early childhood hometown in Missouri, will be a food hall-inspired venue with 10 food stalls and indoor and outdoor seating and ocean views. The food hall "proprietors" will be Disney characters from "Tangled," "Ratatouille," "Alice in Wonderland," "Zootopia" and more.

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