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Must-Have Essentials for Your Carry-On in 2021

With every flight you will take during the COVID-19 pandemic, your packing list adjusts to adapt to the new travel requirements. Although things are slightly different, travel is still very doable right now.

Travelers taking a trip right now will need to add these necessities to their packing list.

Paper Documents

All travelers will most likely need some form of documentation depending on the destination. Some countries are simply requiring proof of a negative COVID-19 test result, and others are requiring a pre-approval form. It’s a good idea to have a hard copy of these documents.

Although rare, you don’t want to have to worry about your mobile device not working when you’re trying to show the necessary forms. Whether it’s not fully charged or the forms just aren’t in your email inbox where you thought they were, a printed copy will save the hassle and stress.

Masks, Masks and More Masks

This might be one of the most important carry-on must-haves. There is currently a government mask mandate in place on airlines and in airports, and you’ll want to make sure you have a few options to switch to throughout your travel duration.

Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizer is another carry-on essential, but there is no need to go overboard here. Soon you will realized there is sanitizer available everywhere – throughout the airports, on the planes, at hotels and resorts, etc.

Though you’ll definitely want some to have on hand, it’s unnecessary to haul a ton of your own in your carry-on bag. Vessel’s Skyline Toiletry travel kit is a great place for storing sanitizer as well as all your other liquids and toiletries.

A Bite To Eat

Snacks will almost always make the list of must-haves for traveling on a plane, but having food is key now more than ever. First and foremost, having your own food means you’ll have less contact with other people since you won’t have to stand at counters or wait in line with others to place an order.

Many airport restaurants are also either still closed or operating on reduced hours. Bringing your own food will ensure you have something to eat if you happen to not be able to find anything open during your journey.

Debit or Credit Card Along with places not being fully open, many airport restaurants and stores are also not accepting cash. Some places are allowing it if travelers pay the exact amount without needing change back, but many either prefer or require payment with a card. This means that if you are someone who usually pays in cash, adding a debit or credit card to your carry-on is vital if you plan to make any purchases. In addition to these carry-on items, it’s also key to have some extra patience in your back pocket. Travel industry workers are doing the best they can to provide a pleasant experience for travelers. Everyone is navigating this new era of travel together, and it’s important to be patient with one another. If you have these essential items in your carry-on bag, you’re one step closer to being all set for your next trip.

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