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A new air service is offering tourists a door-to-door service from Manila to some of the Philippine's most popular tourist island hotspots.
Local charter operator Air Juan will 'set sail' from Manila harbour direct to Boracay, Coron, Puerto Galera and Subic by seaplane.

Quay-side check-in means passengers need only show up 30 minutes before the scheduled flight. The company will use a Cessna Caravan Amphibian seaplane, small enough to land directly at many beach resorts, a service it says can save hours in time compared to travel to Manila's congested airport and long transfer journeys on arrival. This direct daily service allows travellers to reach their resorts much faster, which means they can spend more time enjoying the destination and less on the road. Currently, getting to these destinations from Manila means either a long drive through traffic or a combination of sea and land transportation. With their direct daily service, the travel time to these destinations is cut by as much as six hours. The airline hopes to support government efforts to decrease congestion at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and to create a pleasant flying and tourism experience in the country. Established in 2012, Air Juan serves island destinations throughout the archipelago by private seaplane and helicopter charter flights.

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