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New Theme Park Coming to the Caribbean

Falcon’s Beyond Global, a fully integrated global entertainment development company specializing in intellectual property (IP) creation and expansion, has announced details of its forthcoming theme park: Katmandu Park, Punta Cana. Scheduled to open early 2023 in the Dominican Republic, Katmandu Park will feature rides and attractions that immerse guests in the company’s original proprietary franchise, The Hidden Realms of Katmandu.

Katmandu Park, Punta Cana will offer immersive storytelling experiences, including four marquee attractions and the use of several proprietary technologies. Signature attractions will include:

  • Voyage of the Fathom Wanderer – The park will feature its first-ever suspended theater attraction, where guests will join Kilgore Goode on an underwater mission to protect the Hidden Realm of Azurlan from a sea monster. Guests enter and begin the experience in what appears to be a standard widescreen theater experience. There is a key element of surprise: guests are swiftly lifted through the air and placed in front of another giant, compound curved screen, ushering them inside the story.

  • Challenge of the Mad Mage – An explorer mage named Alvis challenges guests to a blaster duel through the Hidden Realms. A fully interactive real-time system gives every player the agency to direct the outcome of the action and even affect the narrative that unfolds before them on the cinema-style screen, warranting repeatability to further discover new realms and interactions.

  • Legend of the Desirata – This 4D Dark Ride attraction is an immersive experience that tells the Katmandu origin story and empowers guests to feel the thrill of adventure through movement. Guests follow inventor and explorer Kilgore Goode into the Himalayas in a dynamically moving vehicle to experience his journey into the Hidden Realms as he discovers the mysterious Desirata. The action in the rider’s surroundings and on the screens is choreographed with the vehicle’s movement, making it feel as if the rider is truly immersed in the story alongside the characters.

  • EtherQuest – This interactive walk-through attraction will make its global debut at Katmandu Park, Punta Cana. The attraction combines proprietary technologies, elaborate scenic elements, immersive projection and an interactive gameplay journey. This attraction uses an action-packed interactive walk-through system, where guests are the main characters of their own adventure.

Additional attractions include Expedition Golf, a 36-hole mini golf course charting over mountains and inside caves; High Point Adventure, an outdoor ropes course experience; and The Quadagon, featuring four nique indoor climbing courses for both adults and children. The centerpiece of the park’s plaza will be the Wheel of Infinite Wonder, a Katmandu-themed carousel with custom figures inspired by creatures and characters from the Hidden Realms. The park will offer several themed F&B venues, carnival-style games, retail shops and an arcade.

Each guest of Katmandu Park, Punta Cana will receive a smart wristband that carries their attraction passes, enables cashless payments and grants them their virtual identity with BeyondME, a new free-to-use fan loyalty and online game platform for all ages. Besides real-life experiences inside the park, BeyondME will connect to various digital experiences, such as mobile games, Roblox and online shopping.

Katmandu Parks will be connected to resort destinations, providing consumers with a “resortainment” hospitality experience. The first of these new resorts, Falcon’s Resort by Meliá, All Suites Punta Cana, will debut in December 2022 and is located just steps away from the park.

Following Punta Cana, Falcon’s is expected to open Katmandu Parks in locations across the globe, including Tenerife, Playa Del Carmen and Puerto Vallarta. The Punta Cana park expands upon the original Katmandu Park that opened in Mallorca in 2012 to complement the beach holiday experience.

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