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Quebec issues new proof of COVID-19 vaccination for travel outside province

Quebecers who are fully immunized against COVID-19 will have access to a new vaccination proof for travelling outside the province.

The Health Ministry says the document is different from the vaccine passport for anyone 13 and older to access non-essential services and other activities in Quebec.

“It will be recognized and can be used in all Canadian provinces, as well as in several American states and countries around the world,” the ministry said in a statement issued Monday.

The new vaccination proof will be available for download from the ministry’s online portal. It can be used in the letter PDF format as well as on mobile devices. Travellers can also print it out.

It should be noted that the document can only be used for trips elsewhere.

In Quebec, the QR code system confirming vaccination status will still be used for entry to bars, restaurants and gyms, among other places.

The new document comes as the United States prepares to reopen land borders with Canada to fully vaccinated travellers in November.

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