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Unearthing Minneapolis: A Guide to the Newest Attractions and Culinary Journeys

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Embark on a journey through Minneapolis, where every corner holds a fresh adventure and each meal is a tantalizing experience. From revamped airport routes to immersive cultural encounters, this guide unveils the latest gems in the City of Lakes.

1. Lufthansa Opens New Skies:

Minneapolis welcomes Lufthansa's inaugural route to Frankfurt, setting a new horizon for global travel. This connection promises seamless journeys starting June 2024.

2. Nordic Village at Four Seasons Hotel:

Escape to a Nordic retreat in the heart of the city. The Four Seasons Hotel transforms into a cozy haven with heated cabins, offering a unique winter experience from Nov. 2023 to Mar. 2024.

3. Fort Snelling's Plank Museum:

History comes alive at the Plank Museum, where diverse voices converge to tell the tale of Minneapolis. This immersive experience invites reflection, remembrance, and understanding.

4. Venture Bikes: Where Wheels Meet Aromas:

Cyclists find a new haven at Venture Bikes' Midtown Greenway hub. Fuel up with artisanal coffee while mechanics fine-tune your ride, creating a space where community and cycling thrive.

5. "ConFluence": A Cultural Odyssey:

On Nov. 18-19, Public Functionary becomes a nexus of art, sci-fi, and cultural celebration. "ConFluence" is a canvas for Black and Indigenous creators, inviting all to explore a world of imagination.

6. "Ball-o-rama": Where Physics Takes Flight:

Minnesota Children's Museum transforms learning into play. Engage with interactive exhibits, exploring the wonders of physics through hands-on experiences.

7. Puttery Minneapolis: A Playful Golfing Paradise:

Enter a realm of mini-golf extravagance at Puttery Minneapolis. Sip craft cocktails, savor culinary delights, and revel in a whimsical adult-only experience.

8. NĀTIFS: Guardians of Indigenous Culinary Heritage:

With the acquisition of Owamni, NĀTIFS reaffirms its commitment to preserving Indigenous culinary traditions. Taste the essence of heritage in every dish.

9. Porzana: Embers of Culinary Mastery:

Chef Daniel del Prado ignites a culinary revolution at Porzana. Experience the art of woodfired meats, including a shareable three-pound wagyu tomahawk, complemented by the Flora Room's enchanting libations.

10. Union Hmong Kitchen: A Culinary Tapestry Unfolds:

Chef Yia Vang expands the Union Hmong Kitchen legacy, introducing fresh specials, platters, and desserts to Lake Street. Experience the rich tapestry of Hmong flavors.

11. Sanjusan: A Symphony of Japanese-Italian Fusion:

Renowned chef Tim McKee graces Sanjusan with his culinary artistry. Explore an intimate omakase journey and savor the harmonious blend of Japanese and Italian cuisine.

12. Baba's Hummus House & Mana'eesh Bakery: A Taste of Palestine:

Lyndale Avenue welcomes the flavors of Palestine. From hummus bowls to falafel sandwiches, savor the authentic taste of a rich culinary heritage.

13. Goorgoorlu: A Culinary Odyssey through Gambia and America:

Chef Mo Kebbeh invites you on a journey through Gambian and American flavors. From chereh couscous to classic Philly cheesesteaks, every dish is a fusion of cultures.


Minneapolis invites you to embark on a journey of discovery. From soaring through new skies to savoring diverse culinary creations, every experience is a tapestry of adventure and flavor. Come, uncover the latest treasures in the City of Lakes.

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