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United Kingdom requires visitors to obtain ETA UK

Do you have any plans to visit United Kingdom in the near future? Then, there is something important news you should know.

United Kingdom will soon introduce ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization UK) in early 2023. In line with this new policy, inbound international travelers need to hold this British entry permit document. ETA UK approval is mandatory for all visitors from other countries including United States which is one of the visa-free countries.

Are ETA and visa same? Definitely not. Visitors from the US and Canada or other Europeans can maintain their visa-free status but they still need an ETA to visit UK. In short, this ETA requirement will apply to all visitors who cross the UK border for tourism, business, education and medical.

So, why did UK decide to introduce ETA system? It can improve border control system and optimize entry and exit process of UK. Priti Patel, Home Secretary has stated that ETA will work by screening travelers before they arrive in country and it will help catch potential security threats. It also might look a restrict policy, however, it can work to improve the ease and convenience of travelers. And this ETA UK is based on the US ESTA system. So, this authorization seems like to be valid for at least two years and several travels.

How can you apply ETA? It is not challenging to do. You are able to apply it at home and it takes just a few minutes to fill out the form. And then people will receive ETA UK authorization within 48 to 72 hours. The British Home Office has not notified a date of the introduction. The U.K. government has just stated that ETA system will be introduced in early 2023, and it will become fully operational by the end of the year.

If you are interested in visiting England in the near future, keep in mind that you could need to apply the ETA UK !

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