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Viking Cruises Unveils Grand Expansion: 10 New Longships Set to Redefine European River Cruising

Breaking news from the world of luxury cruising! Viking Cruises, the pioneer in European river exploration, is set to raise the bar once again. Brace yourselves as Viking announces the addition of 10 magnificent longships to its fleet, promising an unparalleled journey through Europe's enchanting waterways.

An Epic Voyage Awaits

Picture this: 10 new longships, designed to embody elegance and innovation, are poised to set sail, starting in 2025. Viking Cruises' expansion plan includes five ships slated for launch in 2025, followed by an additional five in 2026. These majestic vessels are tailored to whisk guests away on breathtaking itineraries along the iconic Rhine, Main, Danube, and the picturesque Seine.

Unveiling the Viking Longship Experience

Each of these state-of-the-art longships will embrace Viking's signature design philosophy, boasting an intimate capacity of 190 or fewer guests. Immerse yourself in a range of exquisite stateroom choices and luxuriate in the indoor/outdoor Aquavit Terrace, perfectly crafted to provide a seamless connection with Europe's stunning landscapes.

Meeting the Growing Demand

As Viking continues to spearhead European river cruising, its current fleet of 80 river ships has secured an astonishing 50% market share among North American travelers. The addition of these 10 new longships signals Viking's unwavering commitment to meeting the burgeoning demand for immersive and luxurious travel experiences.

"The Viking Way of Exploration"

Torstein Hagen, Chairman of Viking, expressed his excitement, stating, "Ever since we started Viking 26 years ago, our mission has been to help our guests explore the world in comfort. We focus on the destination, and we build elegant, innovative ships." He anticipates welcoming these new longships to the European fleet, introducing even more guests to "The Viking Way of Exploration" in the years to come.

Beyond Europe: Expanding Horizons

Not content with only European expansion, Viking recently announced its foray into Southeast Asia. The Viking Tonle, an 80-passenger vessel designed exclusively for the Mekong River, will soon join its identical sister ship, the Viking Saigon. This strategic move further solidifies Viking's commitment to offering unparalleled journeys across diverse continents.

Setting Sail to New Horizons

Ranked highly for its ocean ships by U.S. News, Viking is not only expanding in Europe and Southeast Asia but also amplifying its presence on the Nile. Earlier this summer, the cruise company welcomed its fourth Nile River ship, affirming its dedication to providing exceptional cruising experiences in every corner of the globe.

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary voyage with Viking Cruises! Stay tuned as these magnificent longships redefine luxury river cruising, offering a gateway to explore Europe's timeless beauty in unmatched comfort and style.

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