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Air New Zealand halts bookings for inbound flights

Air New Zealand will now limit inbound passenger capacity from overseas, which could lead to some passengers being bumped from booked services.

It comes after a request by the NZ government to cut inbound passenger numbers to ensure there are no more people than designated quarantine accommodation providers can handle safely.

It means no new bookings will be accepted by Air NZ for the time being, and some passengers may be bumped and moved to other flights.

The NZ government wants to align the number of inbound travellers to the number of available quarantine accommodations.

"We accept this is a necessary short-term measure given the limited capacity in quarantine facilities and we're keen to do what we can do to help New Zealand's continued success in its fight against Covid-19," said Air NZ chief commercial and customer officer, Cam Wallace.

The airline will reach out to passengers impacted by the new measures.

It doesn't affect outbound services or domestic flights.

Singapore Airlines is also limiting inbound capacity to New Zealand.

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