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All adult travelers to Grenada must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, effective July 31.

This new ruling applies to visitors entering the country both at the air and seaports. The policy does not apply to citizens and nationals of Grenada, according to the Grenada government.

The policy requires fully vaccinated travelers to book an approved Pure Safe accommodation for at least two days, apply for travel authorization one week prior to arrival, submit proof of a PCR test taken 72 hours prior to travel, prepay for a PCR test at the airport upon arrival ($150) and quarantine for up to 48 hours while awaiting PCR test result.

The policy also differs slightly when it comes to younger travelers. Children 13 years and under traveling with their vaccinated parents/guardians can quarantine with them for up to 48 hours. Unvaccinated minors between 14 and 18 years old can travel to Grenada with their vaccinated parents/guardians, but the entire travel party will be required to quarantine for up to seven days.

Guests staying at an all-inclusive, approved resort must also take an antigen test upon arrival at the resort and a PCR test on day five of their stay.

All requirements can be viewed on the Pure Grenada website.

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