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Anyone can now apply for Thailand’s Special Tourist Visa

The Thai Cabinet has approved foreigners from any country to apply for the Special Tourist Visa if they wish to travel to Thailand.

The STV Thai visa was previously issued to travellers from ‘low risk’ countries – where there are low numbers of COVID cases. STV Visa allows travellers to stay in Thailand for 90 days and can be extended twice. Therefore, tourists holding this type of visa can stay in the country for up to 270 days or about nine months.

‘Golf course quarantine’ anyone?

Most travellers who want to visit Thailand are deterred by the mandatory 14-day quarantine. Therefore, Thai officials want to make isolation more enjoyable for tourists by approving ‘golf course quarantine’.

While tourists can work on their swings, they still need to follow the prescribed health and safety standards such as social distancing while playing golf.

Here’s the official order for golf quarantine:

Golf Quarantine means the detention of people entering the Kingdom of Thailand for the purpose of exercising by playing golf. Playing rounds and doing health activities during quarantine is according to a service program scheduled in advance by the golf business. It is a quarantine, surveillance, prevention and control facility for Covid-19, along with playing golf and doing health activities for a period of time according to the Infectious Disease Situation Management Center.

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