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Cancun Will No Longer Require Tourists To Fill Out Customs Forms To Speed Up Arrivals

Cancun will no longer be requiring travelers to fill out customs (FMM) forms upon arrival at the airport in a bid to speed up the process of arriving into the country. As much as we all love it, travel can be a particularly stressful activity at the best of times – particularly given the current chaotic climate surrounding both international and domestic travel at present – and so the removal of the customs form is a win for travelers looking to visit Cancun from here on out.

A top destination for travelers all over the world, the removal of the bureaucratic arrivals form is likely to make Cancun an even more attractive destination to millions of people around the world, cementing Mexico’s status as one of the easiest places to visit in the world at present. Here’s a look at what travelers should know about the removal of the customs form, plus a recap of the other news stories to come out of the country in recent days.

Cancun FMM Form Removed – Information For Travelers

Throughout the pandemic, Mexico’s no-nonsense approach to entry requirements and restrictions made it the premier destination for travelers in the world. With the pandemic now all-but over, Mexico has remained as popular as ever with tourists, with 5.3 million American travelers visiting the country between January and May alone. Cancun International Airport proved to be the most popular port of arrival for American travelers between that period – and changes are being made that could see the airport increase its popularity even further.

Until recently, travelers arriving through Cancun International Airport were required to complete the Forma Migratoria Multiple (FMM) either on the plane or upon arrival. Travelers would then have to take the completed form along with their passport to the service counter or immigration officer at the airport. They would then need to keep part of the form safe before showing it once more when leaving the country, with those who have lost the piece of paper needing to pay a fee.

Whilst it may not a labor-intensive task, it is a time-intensive one that comes when travelers just want to enjoy the start of their vacations. Travelers arriving in Cancun have often been subjected to long waits of more than an hour during busy periods, as travelers and staff try to get through the paperwork involved. However, in a move that is set to make flying into Mexico via Cancun much more appealing to travelers, the requirement is now set to be axed as part of a pilot program.

As of Thursday, travelers arriving in Mexico through Cancun will not need to complete the form, and will instead be able to receive a stamp in their passports. According to the executive president of the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies (AMAV) in Quintana Roo, Sergio González Rubiera, the move will see waiting times reduced to just a few minutes from an hour – meaning that travelers will be able to start their vacations early and stress-free.

The pilot program will be rolled out to other airports in the country and, should all go well, it could lead to a permanent change across Mexico, cementing its mid and post-pandemic status as one of the easiest countries to visit in the world. The move could also see Cancun face a tourism boom in the short term, with travelers to Mexico picking Cancun as their port of arrival due to the quick, efficient entry the removal of the form looks set to provide compared to other popular destinations in the country.

Cancun’s popularity could also soar in the winter months due to an absence of stinky seaweed. From November, Cancun is expecting to be experiencing much less sargassum on its beaches, making it an ideal time to visit the destination. Travelers should also note that despite new travel advisory warnings being published in the wake of an increase in crime, popular tourist hotspots such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas remain unaffected by the announcements, with their current advisories remaining the same.

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