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Check your room and be careful of the bed bugs

When you choose your hotel, your top interest is the cleanliness of your room. To choose the clean room, you need to check bed bugs. They can bite people and follow us when we go back to home.

These pests are everywhere including the major hotels which are 5-star and expensive.

So, how to check the bed bugs? According to Travel experts, you need to turn off lights and close any shades to use the flashlight on your phone before unpacking your bags and putting them on the bed.

Place your bags in the bathroom which is the safest place to avoid bed bugs. They aren’t likely to hide in a bathroom. You also should check under the bed and in any dark side, corner, and crannies of the room where they like the most.

Fist, pull back the sheets and check the mattress seams and corners. Adult bed bugs look like flat apple seeds, pepper-like stains or spots. Next, check behind the headboard, inside couch and chair cushions, behind picture frames and around electrical sockets.

After the examination, if you notice something suspect, you should definitely notify management and change your rooms or establishments immediately. Even though you think your room is clean from any bed bugs, consider placing your suitcase in a plastic trash bag or protective cover during your trip. It will help you to avoid bed bugs.

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