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Cancun Airport Implements Electronic Passport Registration

Cancun International Airport is the first in Mexico to accept electronic passports with the implementation of 14 automatic migratory filters in terminal 3 of the busy air terminal.

With this historic meassure, it is hoped that the flow of domestic, U.S.,and Canadian visitors will be as fast as possible to avoid crowds, especially this holiday season when this attractive city in the Mexican Caribbean receives thousands of tourists.

Cancun International Airport is a pioneer in Mexico in accepting passports in digital format, which makes the user experience more comfortable by avoiding long queues at this crowded terminal that receives the entry of lots of visitors. With this implementation, travelers can access it in approximately 30 seconds, which is a record in the country.

On the other hand, the National Institute of Migration of Mexico established a pilot scheme at the Cancun International Airport to speed up the entry of international tourists to Quintana Roo, the state to which Cancun belongs, in less than half an hour. With this implementation, the authorities hope to speed up the entry of tourists by 50 percent.

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